Susana Spears Official Site

Friday, August 28, 2015

Susana Spears is no stranger to getting down and dirty and you’ll get to witness every wild encounter inside her Official Site:

Posing and getting sexy for the camera is a lot of fun. But what makes it fun is the fans. If I didn’t know you were all out there watching me work my moves, I wouldn’t get half as turned on as I get! Come check out my official site so you don’t miss a piece of the action. I have the best HD videos, sexy picture galleries, and more exciting fun, just for you!

Susana Spears is Playing Dress Up So She Can Strip Down

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Susana Spears knows what you like and to prove it, she’s shown up in a short skirt with thigh high stockings on. She knows you can’t resist the look of a g string peeking out from under a silky, slippery skirt that just barely covers her ass. And she knows that when she lowers the dress so you can see her titties, it gives you a boner and that makes her want to touch herself and tickle her clit with her finger.

She knows that if she takes her panties off and shows you that she means business, you may or may not come through for her. But no matter what, she knows that you’ll know you want her, and that the knowledge of that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

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Susana Spears is Hungry in Orange

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Susana Spears looks all ready for summertime activities, but the activity most on her mind right now is the desire to take all her clothes off and get naked with a manly man who knows how to please a woman!

She is so anxious to get to the good stuff that she starts undressing soon after you arrive, enjoying the look on your face and the way your tongue has crept into the corner of your mouth. That turns her on a lot and you can tell by how erect her nipples are. Then there’s the way she spreads her legs for you after she’s undressed.

She’s stroking a finger through her cunt, trying to entice you into doing the same with your tongue or your cock. Are you hard yet?

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Susana Spears is Horny at Home

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Even when Susana Spears is lounging at home wearing very normal clothes like a shirt and skirt, there is nothing normal about it. Even then, she’s happy to show you that she’s really naked underneath those clothes, and as always, her body is hungry for some good loving.

If you’d like to relax back on the sofa with a nice soda, she would really love to spend time teasing and tempting you because it’s something she truly enjoys doing. She’ll reveal her perfect titties to you for your inspection and you can decide if her nipples are really as tasty as they look.

She’ll spread her legs to show you how flexible she is, and let you get a nice close up of her fuck hole. Susana is the hostess who is always ready to please.

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Susana Spears is on the Prowl

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Susana Spears came to the pool looking for trouble. Her whole body is aching with unexpressed desire and she’s tired of feeling so frustrated and out of sorts. She’s looking for a lover who can satisfy her for the night and she’s looking at you. She enjoys seeing the way you can’t quite take your eyes off her.

You look like maybe you really do want her and has hopes that you could prove to be a truly attentive lover. She strips for you, watching your reaction carefully. It just won’t work if you are anything less than completely attracted to her. She wants you slamming into her like a wild animal when you get going. Do you think you can handle that?

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Susana Spears Surprises You With Her Plans

Friday, August 7, 2015

You thought you and Susana Spears were going to go out for dinner. But all of a sudden she was lifting her dress and saying, “does this make my butt look too big?” and all you knew is that her ass looked wickedly fuckable and your cock was throbbing. She turned around and showed you her pussy and took her shirt off and that was all it took.

Your knees are weak and you couldn’t care less about eating food now. You would love to drive your tongue into her sweet little twat, though. All you need is for her to spread her cheeks apart and bend over and you’ll willingly tongue fuck her and clit suck her until she gets off like an explosion in your mouth.

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Susana Spears is One Incredibly Hot Hostess

Monday, August 3, 2015

Susana Spears recently got this job as a cocktail waitress but even with the good tips she was making, there wasn’t enough earning potential. But that’s before she figured out a good way to moonlight after work. For a special fee, patrons can stay after hours for a strip tease show!

Tonight’s show starts out with Susana in her uniform, but she quickly works all the clothing off her body and to the floor where it belongs. The more naked she gets, the louder her customers cheer for her.

Once she is naked, the crowd is absolutely nuts. If there happens to be someone in the audience that she likes the looks of, Susanna might make them a part of the show. But tonight, since she can’t have you, she’ll just spend time pleasuring herself.

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Susana Spears is a Goddess in Green

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dressed in a beautiful Greek inspired dress, Susana Spears has the look of a goddess as she sits surrounded by nature. Soon she shows you her g-string, though, and then you know that you are dealing with a flesh and blood woman, one who feels like showing off her body for you.

She lowers her dress so you can see the way her full breasts fill out her bra. Then she removes the bra so you can just enjoy the size of her titties. She wants you to enjoy the view of her, from her fine rack to her gorgeous ass – to her delightfully moist cunt just waiting for some well deserved attention.

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Susana Spears is Horny By the Pool

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Poor Susana Spears just can’t help but get horny when she’s out by the pool in a sexy little bikini. It’s especially bad when she’s putting on suntan lotion. The smell and the feel of it against her skin always get her going, especially when she rubs it all over her little titties, teasing the nipples with her fingers.

Soon she has no choice but to strip her bottoms off too, so hungry is her pussy for some attention. She spreads her legs and gets on her knees for you, showing you where she needs attention the most. Since you aren’t doing anything to help her, however, she’s likely going to have to take herself in hand. Would you like to watch?

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Susana Spears Looking Lovely in Her Bathing Suit

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Susana Spears enjoys the way the white bikini bottoms contrast with the silky and classy looking shirt she’s wearing with it. It makes her feel rather naughty walking around wearing such a contrast in style, especially because the bottoms are a g-string. Soon, she embraces the naughtiness, though, lowering her shirt so her lovely nipples are exposed.

She soon slips out of the bikini bottoms and sits down, feeling the ache in her cunt as it longs for attention. She spreads her pussy lips apart and lightly strokes at her clit but that only makes her aching even worse. What on earth is a horny girl to do with herself?

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Susana Spears is Feeling Hot in Blue Jeans

Friday, July 17, 2015

These tight jeans that Susana Spears is wearing are really getting to her. They are just a little more restrictive than she would like them to be, although she knows that they look fantastic on her so she loves strutting her stuff in them for you. Still, it’s a relief when she starts to peel the jeans off, revealing her lovely ass for you.

Once her pussy is bare and revealed, she lowers her shirt to show off her taut little nipples. Then she’ll give you a nice view of her cunt from behind and from in front, showing you exactly where and how she likes to be touched. She’ll even tough herself for you so you can learn from it.

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Susana Spears naked in the Ruins

Monday, July 13, 2015

Slim brunette, Susana Spears, is fearless. She will go to the forgotten places of society and she will do so nude!

Standing boldly among ruins, she positions her body for full viewing and there is nothing vulnerable about her nakedness. She looks strong and confident.

Susana’s gorgeous tight ass and supple soft tits are phenomenal outdoors.

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Susana Spears Strips Off Her Ruffled Skirt

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sexy Susana Spears looks pretty as can be in her ruffled skirt and cute top. Her long legs run down from her frilly hem to her feet planted in high heels.

Susana strips playfully, pulling at her black thong and showing off her perky tits.

This softcore gallery shows off her skinny figure and perfect shaved pussy.

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Susana Spears Naked with Andrea Torres

Saturday, July 4, 2015

There are no high heels worn at this shoot. Sexy girlfriends, Susana Spears and Andrea Torres, meet up at a construction site dressed in casual clothes and sneakers.

Looking like every day babes that are just a little hotter and a whole lot naughtier, the natural foxes help each other strip out of their outfits while standing on a tractor. From there, they cannot keep their hands off tits and ass or mouths from tasting pussy!

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Susana Spears Plucks Out Her Thong

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Susana Spears goes blonde for this stunning set of images where she poses in and out of sexy lingerie.

She frees her natural breasts of her red satin corset and then plucks the black thong out from between her tight ass cheeks.

Susana poses with her legs spread in black stockings and pussy lips parted to reveal her moist pink center.

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